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1950s-2022 Cornhill Summer Fairs

Cornhill House Summer Fête, late 1950s
Back row, left to right: Ella Mowitt, Jean Mowitt, Pat Curry, Margaret Green, Joan Ford
Front row, left to right: Katrina Maxwell, Margaret Allan, Betty Ford, Margaret Curry

Cornhill House Summer Fête

Church Garden Fête 1961
left to right: Betty Mitchell, Doris Wilson, Florence Beveridge, Garry Wilson (aged 3 or 4), Jean Wilson,

“He had a big gallery at Cornhill Fête
Albert Gallon, Cornhill, had a gallery of his chums when he ‘had a go’ at one of the sideshows
which were popular at Cornhill garden fête on Saturday” (from a newspaper)

Garden Fête 1955, Cornhill House
Back row - Morris dancers
Second to back row (girls) - Emily Brown. Jean Mowitt, Pat Curry, Ella Mowitt, Ann Beveridge,
Mary Mowat, Mary McRae, Mary Clark, ? Heatly, Mary Adams, Katrine ?
Third to back row (boys) - Michael Evans, Eddie Evans, Les Martin, Tom Ford, Ian Wood, Billy Clark, ? ,
Cyril Martin, Dunc Martin, Billy Meikle, Les Evans, Willie Graham, Martin Moffat, Jim Green?
Third row from the front (girls) - Kathleen Brown, Fiona ?, ? , Wilma Findly, ? , Margaret Wight, E. Jeffry,
Margaret Green, Viv Swan, Nancy Renton, Joan Ford, ? Brown
Second row from the front - Irene Coe, Olwen Dodd, Jennifer ?, ? , Betty Ford, Margaret Allen, Margaret Curry,
Janet Wightman, M. Younger, Lorna Tait, Kathleen Baptie, Betty Mowitt, ? , Ronnie Green?
Front (girls) - Ailsa Maxwell, ? , Elspeth Maxwell, ? , Barbara Younger, Gillian Jeffrey
Children from Cornhill, Tillmouth, Kilham, Mindrum and possibly Wark schools

Garden Fête c.1958

Church Fête

Summer Fair, 2019

Summer Fair, 2022

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1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

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1977 Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Tree planting
back row, left to right - Gary Wood, Timmy Court, ? , Gordon Pentland, ?
front row, left to right - Caroline Scott, Katy Anstis, Gary Dunn, Keith Bickerton,
Johanna Calder, Tony Culbertson, Paul Turnbull, Karen Calder, Pauline Scott

2002 Golden Jubilee Celebrations


Includes Nancy Clark, Ann Mcguire, Callum Mcguire, Jenny Halliday, Gladys Welsh, David Clark, Isobel Robison, Mrs. Heatley, Ella Law, Eric Grounds (in straw boater), David Blake, Joan Blake

Includes Nancy Clark, Mary Black, Edna Jeffrey, Mrs. Heatley, Ella Law
other names please

Includes Jenny Halliday, Mrs. Beveridge, David Blake, Ella Law, Nancy Clark, Edna Jeffrey, Mary Black

Includes Dalgleish family, H. Lachlan(?), Callum Mcguire, Jodie Mcguire

Includes Elspeth Bell, Fiona Maxwell

Outside the Village Hall - watching “Andrew’s and Fergie’s Wedding”

“Andrew’s and Fergie’s Wedding”
from left June Halliday, Julia Pattison, Sylvia Redpath/Lees


Includes Mr and Mrs Dalgleish with baby and daughter, David Blake, Jo Grounds, Mary Black, Ann Mcguire

Rob Bell playing the pipes

Rob Bell leading the procession with the pipes

2012 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Tree planting at the War Memorial
left to right - Lynda Waite, Bob Clapham, Jean Marshall, William Carrington

Celebration tea in the Village Hall

As reported in Cornhill Village Newsletter July 2012
To celebrate the Jubilee, two trees were planted at the War Memorial by Jean Marshall and Bob Clapham and a commemorative plaque erected. These were donated by the Parish Council. The Rev. Linda Gardham blessed them.
A celebration tea was then held in the village hall with music provided by Mr. Whittle. George Forrest toasted the Queen and a good time was had by all.People enjoyed face painting, dancing, eating and chatting.
The cake competiion was won by Rebecca and the crown-making competition was won by Alex Rutherford. Thanks to Edna Jeffrey, Mary Black and everyone else who helped to make it a fantastic afternoon of fun.

2022 Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

2023 Coronation of King Charles III

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1959-1990 Social events

Farmers’ dinner, 1959

Cornhill Ladies 1968 or 1969
From left to right - George McCann (youth leader), Nancy Clark, Maimmie Simpson, Jenny Hope, Irene Forrest,
in front - Nora Tait

Cornhill Social Club, 1980s

Going to Duck races on the Tweed, late 1980s
Rob Bell driving the tractor, Ian Culbertson in red T-shirt

1972 Stage Coach First Night Ball

This event was organised by the Coldstream Cornhill Committee
with the City of Edinburgh Lions Club
on 3rd June 1972

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1960-2019 Flower Show

Flower show, 1960s
left to right - Mr. Dalton senior, Judge, Judge, Eric Beveridge (with salver), Mr. Dalton junior, Adam Allan

Flower show 1986 ©Tweeddale Press
Back row, left to right - John Smith (judge), Duncan Ferguson, Adam Allan,
Tommy Arnott (judge), Davy Clark, Peggy Allfin, ? , Netta Wood.
Front row, left to right - Barbara ?, Nancy Clark, Nora Tait, Jenny Hope,
Mrs. M. Pyle (judge), Mary Black, Mrs. McLean

This year’s Cornhill flower show received a high entry in the industrial and handicraft sections. The flower section was predictably down on last year because of the weather, Alan Dixon praised the high standard throughout the show.

Mr. Dixon said: “I would like to thank all exhibitors and members of the public for their support; and WI members and the committee for their hard work over the year and on the show day.”

Round potatoes - Mrs. A. Genaway; kidney potatoes - Mrs. A. Genaway; onions (not exceeding 12”) - R. Mathison; onion sets (flat) - Mrs. M. Genaway; onion sets (globe) - R. Mathison; onions (red) - Mrs. M. Mackenzie; three onions - R. Mathison; shallots (red) - R. Mathison; shallots (white) - Mrs. A. Genaway; shallots (other) - J.A. Cockburn: pot leeks - R, Mathison; courgettes - Mrs. A. Genaway: beet - R. Mathison; carrots (long) - R. Mathison; carrots (stump) - R. Mathison; French beans - Mrs. M. Mackenzie; vegetable marrow - Mrs Mackenzie; cucumber - T. Steel; collection vegetables - R. Mathison; cooking apples - Mrs. N. Clark; eating apples - A. Martin; tomatoes - J.A. Cockburn.

Sweet peas - Mrs. A. Moore; gladioli - B. Cockburn pompom dahlias - J.A. Cockburn; small cactus dahlias - B. Cockburn; medium cactus dahlias - B. Cockburn; small decorative dahlias - B. Cockburn; six roses - Mrs. A Philipson; three roses - Mrs A. Philipson; single rose - Mrs. A. Philipson; asters - Miles Rudge; vase herbaceous - Mrs. A. Moore; vase mixed annuals - Mrs. A. Philipson; flowering pot plant - B. Mathison; foliage pot plant - J.A. Cockburn

Potatoes - J.A. Cockburn; onions - Mrs. A. Genaway; beet - J.A. Cockburn; carrots - Mrs. M. Mackenzie; cauliflower - R. Mathison; collection of vegetables - Mrs. M. Mackenzie; vase annuals - J.A. Cockburn; three roses - A. Martin; single rose - N. Clark; tomatoes - Mrs. J.A. Cockburn.

Arrangement on a candlestick - Mrs. A. Moor; harvest thanksgiving basket - Mrs. D De Wet arrangement using green and variegated foliage - Mrs. A. Moore; arrangement in unusual container - G. Petty; miniature arrangement - D. Gray; silk flower and foliage arrangement - Mrs. N. Wood; arrangement onn a pedestal - Mrs. S. Yates; floating bowl - Mrs. D. De Wet.

Girdle Scones - Mrs D. Clark; oven scones - Mrs. D. Clark; dropped scones - Mrs. J Winter; cheese scones - Mrs. E. Bell; individual cold sweet - Mrs. J. Woodcock; border tart - Mrs. E. Purves; gingerbread - Mrs. N. Wood; dark fruit cake - Mrs. N. Wood; cherry cake - Mrs. N. Wood; madeira cake - Mrs .E. Bell; sultana cake - Mrs. C. Martin; orange sandwich cake - Mrs. S. Rudge; chocolate sandwich cake - Mrs. S. Rudge; hard-boiled egg - Mrs. E. Purves; angel cake - Mrs. J. Woodcock; savoury flan - Mrs. E. Bell; shortbread fingers - Mrs. E. Purves; rock buns - Mrs. E. Jeffrey; tray bake - Mrs. E. Purves; raspberry jam - Mrs. N. Wood; marmalade - Mrs. M. Black; lemon curd - Mrs. M. Black; chutney - Mrs. J. Woodcock

Knitted Aran garment - Mrs. J. Winter; knitted garment - Mrs. C. Martin; knitted article - Mrs. J. Winter; knitted scarf - Mrs. E. Chapman; knitted soft toy - Mrs. F. Fortune; machine sewn article - Mrs. K. Telford; sewn soft toy - Mrs. K. Telford; patchwork article - Mrs. K. Telford; tapestry article - Mrs. D. Gray; cross stitch picture - Mrs. R. MacDonald; embroidered article - Mrs. D. De Wet; handicraft article - Mrs. J. Woodcock; homemade greeting card - Mrs.. E. Telford; art picture - Mrs A. Phillipson; colour snap (view) - Mrs. E. Purves; colour snap (animal) Mrs. D. Tweedie; snapshot with caption - Mrs. D. Tweedie; four snapshots - Mrs. M. Black.

Painting (4-6) - Anna; painting (7-9) - Georgia Waldram; writing (4-6) - Charlotte; writing (7-9) - Kerrie; collage (4-6) - Jasmine; collage (7-9) - Sophie Lauder; edible necklace - Katherine Petty; model (4-6) - Cloe Dumble; model (7-9) - Jodie Maguire; model from fruits and vegetables - Katherine Petty; photograph taken by pupil of Cornhill School - Katherine Petty

Flower show 2019

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