Community and social change

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Women's Institute, founded in Cornhill in 1921

1950s ??
Back row, left to right - Nancy Kerr (W. Learmouth), Renee Dalton (Cornhill), Mary Mowitt (E. Learmouth), Mrs Moffat (Station), Jenny Moffat (Pressen), Renee Kerr (W. Learmouth), M. Waite (Campfield), Betty Hope (Cornhill), Bertha Beveridge (Cornhill), V. Dalton (Cornhill)
Second back row, left to right - Mrs Simpson (W. Learmouth), Mrs Maxwell (Cramond Hill), Mrs Scott (Panama), Annie Hudson (Cornhill), Mrs Wilkinson (Cornhill), Mrs Heslop (Pressen), Nell Mowitt (Campfield), Mrs Jeffrey (E. Learmouth), Mrs Nevins (W. Learmouth),
Joan Dalton (Cornhill), Jean Beveridge (Barelees), Mrs Thompson (Station))
Second front row, left to right - Mrs Scott (Station), Sally Carr (Cornhill), Mrs Waters (W. Learmouth), Mrs Davidson Quarry Cottage), Mrs Blain (W.Learmouth), Milly Coultard (Cornhill), Mrs McLean (Cornhill), Mrs Tait (Cornhill), Ruby Larson (Cornhill))
Front row, left to right - Mrs Hope (Pressen), Mrs Clark (Cornhill), Mrs Ford (Cornhill), Doreen Middlemiss (Station),
Mrs Beveridge (Bareless), Mrs Allan (Cornhill)

December 1956
From left to right - Mrs. Maxwell from Cramond Hill, Miss Larsen (teacher), Mrs. Jane Blain, Peggy Allan, Mrs. McLean

Members in The Hut, late 50s, early 60s

Members outside Cornhill House, early 1960s
Back row, left to right - ? , Mrs Lindsay, Mrs Beveridge, Mrs Nesbit, Mrs Allan, Mrs Dalton, Miss Larson, Mrs Ambler
Middle row, left to right - Mrs McLean, Miss Carr, Mrs Mowitt, Mrs Tait, ? , Miss Hutson
Front row, left to right - Mary Mowitt, Cathie Martin, Hazel Beveridge, Doreen Middlemiss, Miss Henderson

Christmas Dinner at the Collingwood, late 1960s?

Christmas Dinner at the Collingwood

Date please?

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100th birthday celebrations

Coldstream Golf Club, November 2021

Mary Black cutting the cake

Platinum Jubilee bunting, 2022

Three double-sided pennants

Three double-sided bunting pennants made by Joan Manuel for the National Federation of WI. Each branch was asked to submit three pennants, which will all be strung together to form one giant row of bunting. It will be displayed around the country at selected events. The pennants had to depict what the Cornhill branch currently represents. Only one of the six sides could feature the name of the branch so it did not dominate the design.

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