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Law - Wilson

Ann Law, left- Tor Cottage where she worked
right- her engagement in 1953 to John Wilson before he went to do his National Service

Bridesmaids at Ann Law’s wedding to John Wilson, 1955

John Wilson playing the accordian outside the village hall

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Lough - Speedy - Hope - Gilroy - Nevins

Isabella Lough (left)) c1800-1881, is holding the family Bible. She married Robert Speedy, a farm servant or hind and was probably a bondager in her youth. It is known that, when married, she lived at Campfield and Learmouth but her children were born at Carham
One of her daughters, Jane, who married a William Hope is buried in Cornhill churchyard.
Isabella’s father, William Lough came from Coldstream. They were Presbyterians.
The girl in the photo is one of her grandaughters, probably Elizabeth (Bessie) Speedy who was a farm servant living at cottage no. 10 at Carham for a while. Bessie’s mother, Mary Nevins married Isabella’s son, Thomas. The Nevins family were millers at New Heaton. Four of the Nevins brothers were great sportsmen and competed in the Tillside Games. Their achievements were recorded in the Berwick Advertiser on 9th April 1836.* Mary was the niece of these sporty Nevins brothers.
On the occasion of this photograph, Isabella was in Newcastle visiting another grandaughter, Mary (Speedy) Gilroy, also once a farm servant, but who later migrated to Newcastle with her husband, William Gilroy.
Photo reproduced with permission from a family member.

*The four Nevins brothers competing in the Tillside Games were Thomas, David, Robert and Peter, two of whom, Robert and Thomas, excelled winning many prizes. Some of the other prizewinners mentioned were Cornhill men - William Brady, Francis Brown, John Gillie and John Moffat, the latter two, both tailors.

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Hazel Martin and a 1937 Austin 7.
In the 1950s, the car was bought for 10 shillings, the road tax cost £12.10s
and the insurance was £9, fully comprehensive for the year

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McKay - Waters - Brown

Roy and Agnes Waters (Brown), 1935/36

Wedding Invitation

Wedding of Pauline Waters to David McKay, 1967

Wedding invoice

Paterson - Thompson

Ian Paterson and Margaret Thompson, October 1966

Wedding Invitation

Bill for the wedding cake

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