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School photographs 1960 - 2012

Stuart Swan and Mark Cameron, 1964/65
This is the only photo we have of the old school, before the current building was built

School party 1964

School children 1966

School Christmas party c. 1967?

One of the classes with Miss Larsen
In the photo are: Sarah Moore (middle of the middle row), Sally Moffat, Janice Ainsley, June Moffat,
Mandy Lambert, Tina Wood, Wendy Woodcock, Louise Jameson and Alan Wood

Year 1 1976
back row, left to right - Mark Jordan, Agnes Montieth, Pauline Scott, Nicky Thompson, Louisa Ley
middle row - Johanna Calder, Mandy Robb, James Faill, Glyn Jamieson
front row - Katy Anstis, David Abercrombie, Derek Wood, Craig Dickson, Caroline Scott

School Sports Day 1978
back row, left to right - ? , ? , Annabel Phipps, ? , Elizabeth Neil, Wendy Woodcock, Mark Jordan, Keith Bickerton,
Julie Anstis, ? , Gary Wood, ? , John Moffat, Susan Thompson, Wendy Gallon, Sarah Johnson. Gary Dunn.
next row - Paul Turnbull, Simon Fraser, Jason Wood, Julian Blake, Hazel Fraser, Caroline Scott, ? ,
Johanna Calder, Katy Anstis, Susan Maxwell, Louisa Ley, ? , Pauline Scott, Gordon Pentland
next row - Craig Dickson, Glyn Jamieson, Kirsty Purves, Nicky Thompson, Mark Jordan
front row - David Abercrombie, Ian Millhouse, Mandy Robb, Christine Lambert, ? , Kerri-Ann ? ,
Graham Scott, John Woodcock, Amanda Turner

School Christmas Party 1978
back row, left to right - Simon Frazer, Kerri-Ann ?, Amanda ?, John Straughan, Alistair Pentland, Amanda Turner
middle row - John Woodcock, Graham Scott, Tracey Young, ? , Susan Laidlaw, Ian Millhouse
front row - Angus Calder, Steven Dunn, Angela ?, David Robb, Kerry Johnson

School Christmas play - unknown date, maybe 1979?

School 1981
back row, left to right - Graham Scott, Glyn Jamieson, Derek Wood, Craig Dickson, John Woodcock, John Pattison
next row, left to right - Nicholas Blake, ? , ? , Agnes Montieth, Christine Lambert, Mandy Robb, Susan Laidlaw,
Katy Anstis, Kerry Johnson, ? Purves, Ian Millhouse, ?
next row, left to right - David Robb, Cameron Logan, Mark Jordan, Stephen Dunn, Angus Calder, Helen Anstis, David Griggs,
Christopher Pattison, Simon Frazer, ? David Abercrombie, John Straughan
front row, left to right -Faye Pattison, Lisa Williams, Melanie Brooke-Sykes, Angela Dyson, Caroline ?, Frank Cormack,
Amanda Turner, Roberta Millhouse , Amanda Logan, Morag Laidlaw, ? , Dawn Abercrombie

Cornhill School 1983/84
back row - left Mr. Griggs (head teacher) right Helen Anstis (teacher)
Other names please

Class 1 ready to visit Alnwick Fair, June 1985
back row, left to right - Rose Goodman, Val Bryson, Alison Standing, ? Scott, Kathy Wilkinson, Joyce Woodcock, Liz Maxwell
middle row, left to right - ? Cross, ? , Michael Tait, ? , Annabel Phipps, ? , ? , Nicholas Blake, Anthony ?, ?
front row, left to right - Rebecca Brydon, ? , Emma Young, Wendy Brown, Ricky Fletcher, Louise Goodman, ? , Michael Wilkinson, Mark Woodcock

School 1988
back row, left to right - Ian Charlton , Philip Tait, Stuart Turnbull, Oliver Cowgill, Michael Brown
middle row, left to right - Matthew Hodgson, Craig Fletcher, Caroline ?, Samantha Ashton,
Thomas Barber, Alex Douglas
front row, left to right - Ciara Wigham, Elizabeth Curry, Helen Wilkinson, Rachel Plunkett, Laura Bryson,
Katrina Logan, Alison Woodcock

The move into the new school building, July 1993
Oldest pupils Alison Woodcock and Martin Clapham hold the keys to the new Cornhill First School,
watched by Headteacher, Julie Grainger (left), teacher Helen Anstis and fellow pupils.

School December 1995
back row, left to right - Nicole ?, Philip Guthrie, Brett ?, Catherine ?, Michael Lumley, James Turnbull, Rebecca Anderson
middle row, left to right -Ben ? , Liam Logan, Claudio Ricard , Callum Reid, Melissa Binney, Nicholas Law
front row, left to right - ? , Aden Mather, Annabel Phipps, Jasmine Reynolds, Cara Wigan, Anthony Jewels

Pupils with Parish Council Chairman, Tony Marshall, May 2003 (Berwick Advertiser)

The Parish Council held a drawing competition to find out what type of play equipment the local children would like to see in an upgraded play area. The response was excellent. 29 children submitted drawings packed full of wonderful ideas.
Competition Results
Age 5 and under - winner: Sean Barrett, runner-up: Matthew Whitty
Age 6 to 7 - winner: Katy Lauder, runner-up: Felicity Warcup
Age 8 to 9 - winner: Jack Robertson, runner-up: Callum Maguire
Age 10 to 13 - winner: Matthew Kelly, runner-up: Callum Palmer

The Parish Council thanked all the children who took part as well as Julie Grainger and her staff at the school.
Cornhill Village Shop, Marie Gillespie, Tony and Jean Marshall and Douglas Zinn donated prizes.
The Parish Council will now submit its grant application for an improved play area.
This is thanks to Berwick Borough Council agreeing to lease the existing play area land to the parish council at a peppercorn rate.

Please contact us if you would like any of these photographs removed from this site

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