Cornhill Social History


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Tillmouth Football Club

Tillmouth FC late 1930s
Back two rows, left to right - J. Moffat, E. Waite, T. Swan, ? Watson, ? , D. Trotter, J. Miller, J. Patterson, N. McCaskie, A. Black
Front row, left to right - J. Green, A. Gray, H. Swan, C. Swan, E. Beveridge

Tillmouth FC - 1940s
Back row, left to right - ? , A. Black, J. Green, R. Moore, R. Mitchell, R. Whitelaw, D. Trotter, A. White
Front row, left to right - C. Swan, H. Swan, J. Rae, T. Waite, A. Marchbanks
Tillmouth FC won Flodden Cup in 1947

Tillmouth FC 1950s
Back row, left to right - J. Morris, D. Miller, R. Foreman, G. Nevins, J. Miller, ?
Front row, left to right - R. Morris, R. Martin, A. Mitchell, G. Tait, A. Martin

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Wark Football Club

John Jeffrey receiving the cup for the Wark team, 1960s

John Jeffrey holding the North Northumberland League cup won by Wark, 1960s
Left to right - Jim Sim, Ian Turnbull, John Stewart, Bob Sim, John Mole, Jimmy Hughes

Wark team in 1960s

Wark team 1965
Back row, left to right - Bill Chisholm, Chris Lambert, Ian Liddell, Ian Turnbull, Ian Culbertson, Phil Tait,
Back row, left to right - Willie Reavley, ? , Jim Sim, Alan Hall, Peter Taylor

Wark Reserves, 1965 to 1966

Wark team, 1967

Wark team in the late 1960s

Wark Castle team date?

Wark team at Norham

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Wooler Football Club

Wooler football team 1958

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Carpet bowls

Cornhill Carpet Bowling Club - date?
Back row, left to right - Harry Gallon, Ronnie Hill, ? Duckdale, Johnny Heatley, Leslie Gillie, Alistair Reid, Neil ? ,
Ian Edmonson, Drew Guthrie (One person missing - can you help?))
Front row, left to right - Isobel Robison, Jenny Halliday, Bob Scott, Edna Jeffrey, Cathleen Guthrie, Melvin Evans

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