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Tillmouth School
Tillmouth Park
Tillmouth Football Club

Tillmouth School

School children 1910 - 1913

Names of pupils 1910-1913. Help with this would be appreciated!

School children 1950s

School children about 1957

Sports Shield presented to E Jeffrey and J. Green, around 1957/58

School children about 1959

School children 1963-64

School children - date?

School children - date?

School children - date?
Head Teacher could be Susan Chapman Stafford

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Tillmouth Park

Tillmouth Park

Similar view taken on 19th June 2019

Tillmouth Park 1910

Tillmouth Park staff, late 1960s
Back row, left to right - ? , ? , ? , Cis Wood, Agnes Widdrington, Mrs Wallace, Margaret Wallace
Front row, left to right - Mrs Smith, Lily Green, ?, Margaret Green

Another photo of Tillmouth Park staff, date?
Back row, left to right - ?, Ann Gladstone, ?, Vicki Kurk, ?, Eileen Jeffrey, ?, ?, Mrs Leo Hill, Mr. Leo Hill (Manager)
Front row, left to right - Mrs. Smith, Joyce Dalgliesh, Lily Green, Agnes Widdrington, Cis Wood

Lunch for Tenants and Ghillies, Tillmouth Park, 1950s
Jim Green's grandfather ran Harper Ridge Farm 1920s to late 1950s
Back row middle - Matt Green
Also on photo - Willy Pyle, Colin Swan, Andrew Binnie

Tillmouth Park and Twizel Bridge

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