Cornhill Social History

Other places within the Parish

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Donaldson’s Lodge

Donaldson’s Lodge

Donaldson’s Lodge, 1907 (unsure of date)

The community, 1907 (unsure of date)

Brethren House

The Lodgers

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Tillmouth School

School children 1910 - 1913

Names of pupils 1910-1913. Help with this would be appreciated!

School children 1950s

School children about 1957

School children about 1959

School children 1963-64

School children - date?

School children - date?

School children - date?
Head Teacher could be Susan Chapman Stafford


Tillmouth Park

Tillmouth Park and Twizel Bridge

Tillmouth FC, 1927

Tillmouth FC

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The castle was built by the Blake family
It was pulled down in 1881; only ruins remain

View of Twizel Castle above the old bridge
Twizel Old Bridge is believed to be the longest single-span mediaeval bridge in Britain.
It was used by English forces during the Battle of Flodden (1513).

Another view of the bridge and castle

Artist’s impression of the old Twizel Bridge

Another view of Twizel Bridge

Twizel station

Twizel Red House

Twizel in the snow, 1963

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