Community and social change

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History, development, population
c.1500 BC Bronze Age Battle Axe
1888-2006 Coldstream Cottage Hospital
1893 Adult education
1909 CMS Sowers’ Band
1921 Women's Institute
1945 Plane crash
1948 Life in the village
1950s-2022 Cornhill Summer Fairs
1953-2023 Coronations and Jubilees
1957-2019 Village Hall (Buildings page)
1959-1990s Social events
1959-1990s Social events
1960-2019 Flower Show
1960s and 70s Youth Club
1970s Brownies
1996 Stone of Destiny
2006-2019 Border Links
2008-2018 Telephone Box
2020-2021 Coronavirus pandemic
2020 VE Day, 8th May 1945
2022 Illuminated Sheep Visual Arts Trail